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 Sub-Character: Xelax

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PostSubject: Sub-Character: Xelax   Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:34 pm

Name: Xelax

Aliases: Xel, The Tenacious Salvo

Age: 20 - Birthday: February 20

Gender: Male

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5'9"

Race/Species: Nobody


1. (Character Form)

2. (Face view from the side)

3. (Some of his other world Forms)

4. (Example of his powers)

101 Dalmatians: Doberman
Aristocats: Tiger-striped Tabby
Bambi: Mountain Lion
Jungle Book: Tiger
Lady and the Tramp: German Shepard
Lion King: Reversed Leopard
Little Mermaid: Tiger Shark
Nightmare Before Christmas: Gargoyle
Oliver and Company: Tortoise-colored Pit-bull
Robin Hood: Ferret

Alignment: Evil

Personality: Xelax is full of contradictions, both complicated and simple at the same time. On the surface he often comes across as a bit of an arse, callous and cynical to the point that he drives most people away. He even at times seems downright cold, and, well, heartless; and the times when he's not being impossible to get along with he'll be smirking and making snide remarks, or being completely vulgar, appearing arrogant and completely self-centered. He also has a bad habit of hitting on every woman he meets, but he's been doing his best to break this habit as he usually isn't as serious as he comes across.
Beneath all this, though, he's actually a surprisingly thoughtful person. A bit dense and secretive, yes, but on the whole he genuinely cares about people in general, and greatly appreciates individuals for who they are even though he never shows it. He simply has his own way of dealing with people, and as a defensive manuever he usually does his best to drive them away rather than giving either them or himself a chance to get to know one another better.
He's also a bit nervous and twitchy in general, although he does a marvelous job of hiding this and usually appears laid back and withdrawn. When disturbed he does have a lot of habits that give him away, though. Since joining the organization, however, he's been able to tune a lot of this nervous energy into training and meditation, which has been an extreme improvement to his previous, less productive activities of drinking, drugs, and one-night stands. This is thanks to his boyfriend, Rdox, who has helped him through a lot of his personal issues and who is pretty much the only person he allows close to him. He does still prank people qutie often, though... but as always, they're usually not the most amusing pranks for anyone but himself, and often have less than pleasant outcomes. He doesn't mean to be harmful, though, he just tends not to think before he acts, and has a more mischivous sense of humor than most.
He would never harm anyone intentionally though, and he will often times sacrifice his own well-being at the expense of others without a second's thought. And to those few that have managed to gain a friend status with him he is extremely protective and loyal, although as always he would never admitt to it or let it show except on rare occassions.

Weapons: Ball-Staff

Gummi Ship: (Post a picture of what your Gummi Ship looks like. Remember that they are the size of something like fighter jets.)

Fighting Style: Xelax is mainly a long-ranged fighter, preferring to stay out of harm's reach while using the several orbs he keeps with him to barrage an enemy into submission, or at least onto the defensive. On the cases that he is forced into close combat, he is very skilled with his staff, and with his element he is easily able to counter frontal attacks. The only way to really break his defenses is to catch him off guard or attack from behind. His power requires a great deal of concentration, however, and when forced into close combat his control tends to slip and his long ranged attacks become random and hazardous to all in the immediate area, including himself. All in all, he is a powerful fighter, but he is also risky due to his unstable nature.

Magic Mastery: The power of Ricochet is just that, it enables him to control the way in which objects ricochet or rebound off each other.
This basically means he has control over the moment of impact: i.e. the force, momentum, and angle of the ricochet. However, his energy must be in possession of at least one of the objects in the impact to control it, and he must be highly concentrated on the impact itself to control it directly. Otherwise this energy will simply run rampant and his attacks become hazardous. Thus, as intense of an individual as he is, his control tends to slip more often than not due to distractions.

Going into detail on the meaning of "possession" of objects, this theory is based off the idea that all forms of life and matter hold energy (similar to the concepts of chi or ki, etc), when someone focuses intently on another object or being, their energy makes a connection with the energy of the other object or person (this explains why people are able to "feel" other people staring at them or other presences, etc). With Xelax, his element takes advantage of this phenomenon by melding his energy with that of objects near enough to him, enabling him the ability to control no more than the moment that object impacts with another. This basically explains why he is able to use objects aside from his weapons for some of his attacks, but this is limited to objects that are within the range of his own personal energy. This energy expands only under extreme concentration or moments of desperation and instinct, thus why he is only able to use his last resort moves when he is under extreme pressure in battle.
He also has the power of dark teleportacion.

Professions: Guard & Slacker, He's number 9 in the Organization

Affinities: Long-range attacks, defense, ability to react quickly, ability to attack from several direction at once, can change the force of impacts.

Passive Abilities: None I think

Weaknesses: Magic, especially gravity and anything that can stop or hold him down, concentration is also easily broken.

Home World: The Pridelands

Current World: Castle Oblivion
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Sub-Character: Xelax
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