Kingdom Hearts: Hearts Destiny

The Heartless and Nobodies have risen and they are, once again, terrorizing the Realm of Light. Will you help stop this madness or join in the progression of it?
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 Rising Falls

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PostSubject: Rising Falls   Mon Dec 29, 2008 8:34 pm

Nataline walks over to the waterfalls looking at the water go up instead of down. "Ugh... I'll never understand a place like this.... I bet Halloween town was less crazy than this..." She has a flash back.

Nataline as a kid in Halloween town. She always goes to the Guilltont Plaze to play in the green water. her mother comes up to her and giggles.
Naline: mom, this is kinda bad right?

Her mother shrugs.

Mother: Um, I dont know I nevr went into it before.

Nataline: Why?

Mother: Um, My mother would totally woop me if I did that she said i never know what's in there..

Nataline: huh, then why let me in?

Mother: I wanted to know what will happen? and hopfully wants in there wont hurt you.

Nataline: Wha?

Mother shakes head and smirks.

Mother: Nothing Hunny just stay in the water.

Nataline was about to get out but her mom foorce her back in.

Nataline: What's wrong with you?!

Mother: I haven't worked on a kid in a long time get your freakin' pink eyes in there!

Nataline: Mom i dont wanna! Ow! My clothes!

Nataline's mother got her out of the water and got her some achol and rub it on her.

Mother: Thank you Hunny *She kisses Nataline* Now I figured out have to get more people hurt and then they can come to the office.

Nataline faints. She wakes up in Hollow Bastion. She looks up to see some child services attendent.

Attentdent: Finally your awake! Let's take you home! To your new family.

Nataline: What are you talking about?

Attdent: Well, your mother in a way. Wanted you in the green water so see can see if it hurts you or makes you get sick and stuff. So she puts you in there until your clothes start to dissappear she took you out and put schol on you which kinda made it wrose...

Nataline look at her bruse..... and sigh.

Attentdent: but sdont worry We will find you a great family and if we dont we just keep on trying hun!

Nataline stop's flashing back. "Oh ok I could be wrong..." She rolls her eyes.
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Rising Falls
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