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The Heartless and Nobodies have risen and they are, once again, terrorizing the Realm of Light. Will you help stop this madness or join in the progression of it?
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 ~UnTiTlE FoR nOw~ Fanfic

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~UnTiTlE FoR nOw~ Fanfic Empty
PostSubject: ~UnTiTlE FoR nOw~ Fanfic   ~UnTiTlE FoR nOw~ Fanfic I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 28, 2008 7:07 pm

Summary: This guy is going on the train to visit family memebers and saw this pretty little girl that he cant take his eyes off of. They be looking at each other for a while. He was going to say something to her but the words just couldn't come out. She got off the train. He went over to her seat and ofund her diary. He read all about it. Like how she was lonely just like him. He knows he have to find this girl he knows they are meant for each other! But what if some tragdey strikes willl they ever be togehter?

Main Characters:

Sabrina- A lonely girl who has a horror past. This chicks only friend is her diary. One day meeting this boy on the train changed her whole life. She feel head over heels for a hot guy with cat ears. (If I make a sequeal to this then) She would be Married to some stranger person set up by her Aunts and Uncles. She wont talk this much but her actions kinda show alot.

Nathan- A guy who was different from everyone else. His different by a tail and ears. He hides them by his hoodie. He had to get on the train to go visit his brother and Sister since they went they sapartate ways. He was on the train waiting to go home calmly (0_0) He notice a girl with Multi-colored hair he just fell head over heels for her but didn't notice it. (If I have a sequal) He will be Forced by his Siblings to get engaged by this crazy fangirl stalker chick, Holly.

Sub characters and all: Will be added later!
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~UnTiTlE FoR nOw~ Fanfic
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