Kingdom Hearts: Hearts Destiny

The Heartless and Nobodies have risen and they are, once again, terrorizing the Realm of Light. Will you help stop this madness or join in the progression of it?
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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:46 pm


*NOTE: Follow the Character Creation Rules at the following link -

Name: (What is their name?)

Aliases: (What is their nickname or what are they known for?)

Age: (How old are they?)

Gender: (Are they male or female?)

Weight: (How much do they weigh?)

Height: (How tall are they?)

Race/Species: (Are they a Human, Heartless, or Nobody?)

Appearance: (Post at least one picture. If you can't find a picture, then write a very descriptive description of him or her.)

Alignment: (Are they Good, Evil, or Neutral?)

Personality: (What are they like?)

Weapons: (What kind of weapons do they like to fight with?)

Gummi Ship: (Post a picture of what your Gummi Ship looks like. Remember that they are the size of something like fighter jets.)

Fighting Style: (How do they like to fight? Are they very strategic? Brash?)

Magic Mastery: (What kind of Magic have they mastered? Two types at the most.)

Professions: (What is their job? Are they the Guardian of someone? Are they an Assassin?)

Affinities: (What is your character good at? What general skills and abilities do they have?)

Passive Abilities: (What abilities do they have that naturally come into effect without them having to activate it?)

Weaknesses: (What is your character bad at? What makes them weak?)

Home World: (Which world did they first end up at?)

Current World: (Which world are they on at this very moment?)
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Character Template
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